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Thugod Noo LLC

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◆Unique #1 HEALTHY BBQ SAUCE with low Calories Per serving

◆Non-tomato base 

◆No Salt

◆It's made with fresh fruit & Love

◆Low sugar so it’s awesome  for Anyone with Diabetes 

◆A hint of heat and light sweet spiciness which is great for those who aren’t a fan of spicy sauces. 

◆ A great Healthy BBQ Sauce for people watching their Calories, sugar and salt intake without taking away from the flavor 


Cooking Ingredients/Ingredients list

Looking for Cooking Ingredients online Made with love and passion the Thugolicious sauce is the perfect sauce for your Food Ingredients List created by American Neo Soul Music artist Thugod (Khorrie Cochran)  and his business partner Nick Campbell from Greensboro, North Carolina. They both grew up loving food ingredients from different cultures. 

Thugods mom, who recently just passed, And Nick father who also passed away a couple of years back, played a significant role In their love for soul food and Caribbean food. Nick was also influenced by his stepmom, who is Puerto Rican, and his grandma, a strong black woman who knows how to whip up some of the best fancy cooking ingredients southern-style dishes. They both decided to create a unique sauce influenced by a blend of the different cultural food ingredients list. The Thugolicious sauce is an energy booster of multi-cultural ingredients blended into one unique taste. 

What is the best cookbook to buy

The Sauce: Cookbook on Amazon. If you purchase the Sauce Cookbook on Amazon today you can get free shipping when you purchase the world’s famous Thugolicious Sauce. The Sauce Cookbook is one of the best cook book online and one of the best cookbooks for beginners. Get one of the best cook books today. The Sauce Cook book online.

Sauce Song 

Neo Soul artist Thugod Sauce Song is what inspired him to create the worlds famous Thugolicious Sauce. The Sauce Song is a dance song that makes everyone want to dance when they eat the Sauce. You can find the Sauce Song on all digital platforms.